Friday, February 12, 2010

My first official post!

Okay, so this is my first official post. Pretty exciting. Thanks you two for joining. Feel free to make suggestions and tell me what you think!

Fashion trends report:
During Sping 2010, boyfriend blazers are still in fashion! They are chic and go with anything very well. They also very in fashion! They were in fashion during the winter and are awfully close to the military jackets, so i am sure you can get away with wearing one of those!

While the one in the pictures are plain, I have one that is black with big buttons on the front and is shorter and more form fitting in the ones in the pictures. There are so many different kinds, i am sure you can find one you like.

My Pick of the Week...
So, I own this shirt and love it. It is very pretty and goes great with any type of pants. It can be dressy or casual and looks amazing with a necklace. Here is the link:
You wanna hear the best thing about this shirt? You do not need to need to wear a tank top underneath the shirt because it is NOT see-thru! This means it will be very light in the summer.

So, I am really spacy today so who knows if this will be the close to layout for my blogs. I hope you guys like this and give me any suggestions! I will probably post once a week (it will depend on the week though.)


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